The best family getaways

Head out on the weekend

There are some amazing places to visit in the UK. Now that the weather is starting to improve, why not consider taking the Easter and Summer breaks to take a staycation and visit some of the most incredible locations in the entire United Kingdom. Theres a fantastic blog over at which has some fantastic advise about the best locals in the country.

Normally this blog is all about stuff to do in London, but this time, we want to branch out to the whole UK. We love it here, and we think theres no reason to go abroad when theres so much value to be had here. We like to educate about all sorts of things here, literature is especially important to us. We have so many excellent authors, so why not go and visit where their stories were set? People come from all over the world to see what we have, and we actually live here! Its all on our doorstep.


Romantic holidays and trips to the sea side

Theres quite magical about being by the sea in the UK. No where else in the world will see you see the splendour of a good old fashioned British sea side town. Its quite unique and something that every overseas tourist should see. But again, as w said, you are already here, so why not enjoy what we have right now?

We get it, yes it rains, and yes, sometimes its cold. But in the height of summer, theres something special about the UK. Consider renting a cottage or some short term accommodation. Check out Antrim’s Facebook page for more information.


Get the best hot tub deals in the UK?!

The ultimate jacuzzi for your needs

When was the last time you were on holiday and you had a really relaxing time? Were in a hotel with a spa or swimming pool? Were there massages or saunas? Probably. The UK can be frightfully cold and gloomy at times and just chilling out a lovely beach or complex is just perfect.

You can have this at home!

Yes, thats right. Why wait until you are on holiday? Have your spa at home! There are really great hot tub deals in the UK at the moment. It really is fantastic. All you need is a bit of space to fit your very own hot tub! You can get indoor hot tubs, outdoor hot tubs, the list really is endless!

Where do I start?

Good question. You can get a hot tub spa from many different companies in the UK, but a favourite of ours is Hot Tub Hire London. There offer a fantastic service, ranging from luxury hot tubs, all the way to a good old fashioned hot tub for sale. Whether its just for 1 single person, a 2 person hot tub, or even a full on 6 person hot tub, you can anything there!

What sort of options are there for jacuzzis?

Well thats the thing. Its possible to get really anything you want. Many of their hot tubs come with insulation as standard. This ensures that the heat is retained in the water and helps saves energy. Other options include, stereo speakers, massaging water spouts, and body moulded seats in the corners to provide the most comfortable experience possible. Even on the cold wintery days, slipping a warm, heated hot tub is just the ticket after a hard day at work. Whether you want to rent or but outright, investing in your very own hot tub is a decision you regret any time soon.